Fundraising Report

In our inaugural year of 2015, Rumble and Roar raised $15,606 for the Remember Alex Project with WE Charity. This money was used to support the Baraka Health Clinic in Kenya, to purchase an operating table for their new surgical unit. For more on what’s happened at Baraka, please read more here.

The money was also used to support the annual bursary we put out to support a student to travel on a Me to We trip. These trips promote global awareness and leadership and the students bring new skills and confidence back to their communities. These students have a lot to give and work hard to reach their goals. We are privileged and proud to help in a small way. This year we divided the bursary between two 15 year old students – both who have shown determination and perseverance to fundraise their way to Kenya and Ecuador. We know they will take full advantage of all the opportunity these trips provide and use what they gain to enrich life.

In 2016, Rumble and Roar raised $10,800. This money was invested with WE Charity – and combined with past funds, it allows our annual $1000 bursary to be self-sustaining. The bursary is awarded in Alex’s name to support student(s) who are fundraising to participate in a Me to We trip. These trips are often life changing events for these young people – they gain self awareness, leadership skills, an understanding of other cultures and the importance of community and relationships.