Our Goal

Rumble and Roar is a fun, family-friendly fundraising event supporting the Remember Alex Project with WE Charity. It’s organized by Alex’s mother Carole Ito, and her sister Johnna Ross.

The power of small change was something Alex believed in, and it’s something that WE Charity and Me to We empower throughout the world. Rumble and Roar is now in its fifth year and we have been able to support several projects with the funds raised.

Our goal for 2019 is $15,000.

With these funds, we are so excited to support a Sacred Circle program with the First Nations community of Moose Factory. This youth leadership program educates and empowers indigenous youth. It connects teens with elders and consults with the community to tailor a program that addresses their needs. We have committed to 3 years of funding – and this will be our third year involved with this project – but it has been so meaningful, we are considering continuing building a relationship with Moose Factory.

Talitha Tolles is heading up to Moose Factory in August 2019 to facilitate our second Sacred Circle program there. We are hoping she will be able to attend Rumble & Roar this year and tell you a bit more about what has been happening.

In the first year of Rumble and Roar, our initial project was to provide ongoing funding for an annual bursary to support a student (or two) to participate in a Me to We international trip. These students are exceptional, motivated and inspirational. Despite dealing with their own challenges in life, they are keen for an opportunity to open their eyes to the larger world and find how they fit into this wider view on life. They learn leadership skills which they bring back to their communities. Our bursary just gives them a little boost up and one step closer to their goal which they work so hard to attain. It’s a joy and an honour to contribute in a small way to their future. Because of the money raised in 2016, our bursary is now self sustaining, and this year we gave $500 to two young women who are on their way to Kenya in June 2018. We know this will be a life changing opportunity for them!

One student we supported who was able to go to Kenya – shared a bit about her trip on her return:

“This trip has changed my perspective in life, I now appreciate what I have and I am so thankful to have education, clean water and everything else. However, on this trip, I have changed for the better, it has gained my confidence to be who I am.”

Another student had this to say on returning from Dominican Republic:

“My trip had such a huge positive impact on me. My Me to We experience it was the first time I owned my story instead of letting my story own me.”

“Another way this trip was impactful was getting to see how other people live but how happy they can be even with how little they may have. They might not have the best life, but they make the best out of their lives. This has inspired me to go further in life and in making a difference both locally and globally. In the future I plan to make my life about making a difference through whatever I do with my life.”

In 2015, we supported an international project in Kenya and the new surgical wing of the Baraka Health Clinic in the Masai Mara. We raised $15,000, which was used to purchase an operating table as the clinic expanded into a full fledged hospital. In this rural community where people travel many miles to get to a hospital, having this facility has been life changing.

Small change is meaningful change. Thanks for joining us to make it happen.


Carole & Johnna